The student day is 8:00AM –2:50PM. If students arrive after 8:00AM or leave before 2:50PM, an adult must check in at the office. Students may enter the building as early as 7:15 at the library entrance door #4. Breakfast is served from 7:40-8:00AM

  • Any student arriving after 8AM will be marked tardy and any student leaving before 2:50 will be marked as early dismissal.

If a student must be absent, the parent must contact the school before 9:00AM. This is consistent with state law regarding missing children. A written note must be sent with the child when he or she returns to school.


Dismissal at the end of the day.

If you are picking your child up after school, please come to the door at the rear of the 4th/5th grade building, off of Park Street. Park Street is off of Union Street.


General Policy

Students enrolled in the School must attend School regularly in accordance with the laws of the State. Toe educational program offered by the School is predicated upon the presence and punctuality of the student and requires continuity of instruction and classroom participation. A parent must contact the School in accordance with the procedure set forth in Policy 252 whenever a student is absent.

Attendance shall be required of all students enrolled at the School during the days and hours that the School is in session. Attendance need not always be within the School facilities, but a student will be considered to be in attendance if present at any place where School is in session by authority of the Board.

Excused Absences

Absences due to the following will be excused:

  1. Personal physical illness such as to prevent attendance at School (at the discretion of the Principal or his/her designee, a written statement from a physician may be required).
  2. Personal mental illness such that the student will not benefit from instruction (at the discretion of the Principal or his/her designee, a written statement from a physician/mental health professional may be required).
  3. Illness in the family (at the discretion of the Principal or his/her designee, a written statement from a physician and an explanation as to why the child's absence was necessary may be required).
  4. Quarantine of the home (absence will be excused for the duration of the quarantine as determined by proper health officials).
  5. Death in the family (absence will be excused for no more than eighteen (18) hours unless the Principal or his/her designee determines that a longer absence is reasonably necessary).
  6. Medical or dental appointments (at the discretion of the Principal or his/her designee, a written statement from a physician confirming the appointment may be required).
  7. Observance of religious holidays.
  8. College or university visits (at the discretion of the Principal or his/her designee, verification of the date and time of the visit may be requested).
  9. Absence due to a placement in or changes to a foster care placement or any court proceeding related to a student's foster care status.
  10. Absences due to a student being homeless.
  11. Necessary work in a family business or on a family farm (after proof of necessary absence is provided to the Principal or his/her designee).
  12. Instruction at home from a person qualified to teach the branches of education in which instruction is required (after adequate certification of home instruction has been provided to the Principal or his/her designee



A student who fails to participate in one hundred five (105) consecutive hours of learning opportunities without excuse prior to November 1, 2018 will be automatically withdrawn from the School. After November 1, 2018 a student who fails to participate in seventy-two (72) consecutive hours of learning opportunities will be automatically withdrawn, unless the student's absence is excused. Otherwise, a parent may withdraw a student voluntarily by signing a Voluntary Withdrawal form with the Principal or his/her designee.

Whenever a student withdraws from the School voluntarily, the Student's teacher shall attempt to ascertain the reason for withdrawal and shall immediately inform the Superintendent or his/her designee of the reason for the withdrawal. If the Student voluntarily withdrew from the School as a result of a change in residence, the Superintendent or his/her designee shall notify the superintendent of the district to which the Student has moved of all essential information regarding the Student, including the Student's new address.

If the Superintendent or his/her designee becomes aware that a Student who has withdrawn from the School for reasons other than a change of residence is not enrolled in another school, the Superintendent or his/her designee shall notify the registrar of motor vehicles and the juvenile judge of the county in which the School is located of the Student's likely violation of the State's compulsory education laws. Notice shall be given within two weeks and shall include the Student's name, address, date of birth, School, and the district where the Student resides. Any notice given in error shall be immediately rescinded by the Superintendent or his/her designee.

Disciplinary Action for Unexcused Tardiness or Absence

Repeated unexcused absences/tardiness may be grounds for disciplinary action that will not include suspension or expulsion.

A student is tardy when a student is more than five minutes late for School or for a class. If a student misses more than half a class, the student will be marked absent for the class. When tracking hours of missed instruction for excessive absence and truancy purposes, the School shall (select one):

Track tardiness and early dismissals to the nearest hour of missed instruction for each instance of

make at least three (3) reasonable, meaningful attempts to secure the child's parent, guardian, or custodian's (for the purposes of this policy, ''parent") participation on the AIT. If the parent responds to attempts but is unable to attend, the School will notify the parent of the right to participate by designee. In the event the parent does not respond to the attempts at all, the School will investigate whether the failure to respond triggers child abuse and neglect reporting requirements and instruct the other members of the AIT to develop a plan for the child.

Within fourteen (14) days after its formation, the AIT will develop a written plan to reduce or eliminate Student's further absences. The AIT plan will state that a complaint will be filed in juvenile court alleging that the child is an unruly child not later than sixty-one (61) days after implementation if the child refuses to participate in or fails to make satisfactory progress on the plan or other alternatives to adjudication. The School will make reasonable attempts to provide student's parent with written notice of the plan within seven (7) days of development.

If a student becomes habitually truant during the last twenty-two (22) school days of the year, the School may assign one official to work with the parent and develop an AIT plan in lieu of forming a full AIT.

AIT Exemption: The School shall be exempt from AIT procedural requirements if it has a chronic absenteeism rate of less than 5% of the student body per the last state report card.

Effective beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, the School shall employ absence intervention strategies for all students who are excessively absent from School. Such strategies shall include the following, if applicable:

  1. Providing a truancy intervention plan for any student who is excessively absent from school;
  2. Providing counseling for a habitual truant;
  3. Requesting or requiring a parent to attend parental involvement programs;
  4. Requesting or requiring a parent to attend truancy prevention mediation programs;
  5. Notification of the registrar of motor vehicles of student's truancy status if the student misses sixty consecutive hours of instruction or ninety hours of instruction during the course of the school year; and
  6. Taking legal action under R.C. 2919.222, 3321.20, and/or 3321.38.

On the 61st day after the implementation of an absence intervention plan or other intervention strategy, the attendance officer shall file a complaint with the juvenile court against a student, if all of the following apply:

  1. the student is a habitual truant;
  2. the School has made meaningful attempts to re-engage the student through the absence intervention plan, other intervention strategies, and any other offered alternatives to adjudication; and
  3. the student has refused to participate in or failed to make satisfactory progress on the plan, as determined by the absence intervention team, or any offered intervention strategies or alternatives to adjudication.

If the 61st day falls during the summer months, at the School's discretion, the absence intervention team or attendance officer may extend the implementation of the plan and delay filing the complaint for an

additional thirty (30) days from the first day of instruction of the next school year.

If, however, at any time during the implementation phase of the absence intervention plan or other

intervention strategy, the student is absent without legitimate excuse for thirty (30) or more consecutive hours or forty-two (42) or more hours in one school month, the attendance officer shall file a complaint with the juvenile court against the student, unless the absence intervention team has determined that the student has made substantial progress on the absence intervention plan.

The Principal or his/her designee is also authorized to establish a parent education program for parents of students who are habitually truant. Any parent assigned to the program who does not complete the program is to be reported to law enforcement authorities for neglect of parent education, a fourth class misdemeanor if found guilty.

This Board consulted with the juvenile court of the counties in which the School is located, parents of students attending the School, and state and local agencies deemed appropriate by the Board prior to adopting this policy.