Edge Academy has a Dream Team we are so proud of.  The Dream Team consists of the students that display good behavior, come to school in dress code and have good attendance.  Every month they celebrate with a special activity and snack. In September the students who achieved Dream Team from the month of August had a dance party and made a leaf rubbing.  In October the students on Dream Team from September painted pumpkins and decorated a cookie with frosting and sprinkles.  In November, Dream Team students from October made their own trail mix and went to the park to play. 


The students who were on Dream Team the entire first grading period received a big celebration.  They were treated to a special breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes, sausage, yogurt, juice and milk.  Then they went to the Holiday Tree Festival at the John S. Knight Center to see more than 200 decorated Christmas trees while children choirs and orchestras were playing and singing.  Lastly, this great group of 52 students from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade enjoyed cupcakes and juice.