YousefAbdelrazeq  DMoniHammond PaytonVeal  ArmaniRodgers

 Kindergarten - Mrs. Svette

Yousef Abdelrazeq

Kindergarten - Mrs. Withrich

 D'Moni Hammond

1st Grade - Ms.  McCoul

Payton Veal

1st Grade - Mrs. Hall

Armoni Rodgers

 TierraJackson EnjoliSpaulding  WarrenWheeler  CerenityWilliams AaronFord

2nd Grade - Ms. Murphy

Tierra Jackson 

2nd Grade - Mrs. Brenner

Enjoli Spaulding and Warren Wheeler

3rd Grade - Mrs Baddeley

Cerenity Williams 

3rd Grade - Mrs Fenn

Aaron Ford

 Coreylittle KeonQualls LailaPalmer

4th Grade - Ms. MacEwan

Jayda Taylor 

4th Grade - Mrs. Madenfort

Corey Little

5th Grade - Mrs. Watts

Keon Qualls 

5th Grade - Mrs. Burns

Laila Palmer 

SPECIALS Teachers!

In Mr. Gray’s Gym class from the 3rd grade Logan Campbell

In Mr. Routt’s Technology class from the 3rd grade Alanni Lopp-Alson

In Ms. DeMoss’s Art class from the 4th grade Aaron Keys

In Mrs. Smeltzer’s music class from the 5th grade Chad Lewis

In Mrs. C’s Spanish class from Kindergarten Yousef Abdelrazeq.