Summer Meal Location Options

Meals are available at the main entrance of the schools listed below Monday-Thursday from 9:30-11:30

 2020 Lunch


  • Butchtel CLC - 1040 Copley Rd. 
  • Helen Arnold CLC - 450 V. Odom Blvd
  • Crouse - CLC 100 Diagonal Rd.
  • Ellet CLC - 309 Woolf Ave
  • Hyre CLC - 2385 Wedgewood Dr.
  • Betty Jane CLC - 44 Darrow Rd.
  • Innes CLC - 1999 East Ave.
  • Glover CLC - 935 Hammel St.
  • McEbright CLC - 349 Cole Ave
  • Seiberling CLC - 400 Brittain Rd
  • Case CLC - 420 Garman Rd.
  • Portage Path CLC - 55 S. Portage Path
  • North HS - 985 Gorge Blvd
  • Forest Hill CLC - 850 Damon St.


**most Akron Public Schools are serving meals during the summer months and can be found here**

Summer may be here, but dont let the learning stop. Below are great resourse that are both fun and educational to get your child ahead!!
K-5 online learning and an online summer camp with videos and activities 
Ages 2-18 daily schedules and online learning classes and tools
K-9 online stories, articles, and videos that read them aloud.  Virtual field trips, activities, and online learning for all students. 
TFK  https://www.timeforkids.com/
K-6 online learning with teaching materials, videos, online lessons, and virtual field trips
NG  https://www.nationalgeographic.org/education/classroom-resources/learn-at-home/
K-12 online learning opportunites, videos, and stories.

 YousefAbdelrazeq  DMoniHammond PaytonVeal  ArmaniRodgers

 Kindergarten - Mrs. Svette

Yousef Abdelrazeq

Kindergarten - Mrs. Withrich

 D'Moni Hammond

1st Grade - Ms.  McCoul

Payton Veal

1st Grade - Mrs. Hall

Armoni Rodgers

 TierraJackson EnjoliSpaulding  WarrenWheeler  CerenityWilliams AaronFord

2nd Grade - Ms. Murphy

Tierra Jackson 

2nd Grade - Mrs. Brenner

Enjoli Spaulding and Warren Wheeler

3rd Grade - Mrs Baddeley

Cerenity Williams 

3rd Grade - Mrs Fenn

Aaron Ford

 Coreylittle KeonQualls LailaPalmer

4th Grade - Ms. MacEwan

Jayda Taylor 

4th Grade - Mrs. Madenfort

Corey Little

5th Grade - Mrs. Watts

Keon Qualls 

5th Grade - Mrs. Burns

Laila Palmer 

SPECIALS Teachers!

In Mr. Gray’s Gym class from the 3rd grade Logan Campbell

In Mr. Routt’s Technology class from the 3rd grade Alanni Lopp-Alson

In Ms. DeMoss’s Art class from the 4th grade Aaron Keys

In Mrs. Smeltzer’s music class from the 5th grade Chad Lewis

In Mrs. C’s Spanish class from Kindergarten Yousef Abdelrazeq.




Public Board Meetings for the Edge Academy/Akros Middle School
92 North Union St.
Akron, Ohio 44304

Start Time 4:00pm


July 13th, 2020

September 14th, 2020

November 9th, 2020

January 11th, 2021

March 8th, 2021

May 10th, 2021

Its that time of year again!!! Open enrollment is NOW!!

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